Sunday, December 25, 2011

NEW Work

I withheld these photo's for almost a year (yeah I know, crazy!) due to a possible magazine publishing.  After a year we still haven't heard back from the magazine and figured that if in a year they haven't contacted us, they probably never will.  Now without further adieu, here is the gorgeous Siobahn.  Enjoy!

Photo: Norm C.
Model: Siobahn

Saturday, December 17, 2011

St. Tropez Bronzers

I was recently invited to attend a St. Tropez event last month where I was able to walk away with a wonderful goody bag of some of their products.  I've heard of the brand before but never had the pleasure to try it personally.  Now, I've tried several bronzing products before but never quite fully satisfied.  While most products have pro's and con's, I found that the St. Tropez products have a lot of pro's.  Here are some of the products I received and tested:

Self Tan - Bronzing Mousse
I tried this on myself, at night and after my shower.  I applied it only once with no re-application whatsoever.

* Lasts about 3 - 4 days
I believe it really all depends on the soap you use, how many showers a day you take, how much you apply (or reapply) and if you use a loofa/sponge.  Obviously the more you shower, the faster the product wears off.

* Doesn't rub off
As stated, I applied the product about an hour before heading to bed.  There was no product residue on the sheets or my clothes.

* No streaks
Unlike many bronzing products, St. Tropez goes on evenly and leaves no streaks on the skin.

* Not orange
Thank goodness because my first fear was that I was going to wake up looking like an Oompa Loompa.  Not the case here.  The color you first apply is the color that sticks with you, even as the color starts to fade.

* Lighweight
Love that the skin really absorbs the product and leaves you feeling as if you never applied anything at all

* The smell
It's not a bad smell, but it does have a tiny hint of "tanning product" smell on it.  I suggest applying at night about an hour before showering (or you can apply after your shower - just shower in the morning *duh*).  The smell doesn't really stick to the sheets much and I found that it fades after a day and half.  I do have to say that my husband didn't really enjoy the smell much.

Self Tan - Bronzing Gel
Again, tried on myself after showering.

Almost as same as above
* Lasts about a week
* Doesn't rub off
* No Streaks
* Not orange
* Stronger color

* Takes a bit to dry
I find that the gel feels a bit heavier than the Mousse.  Not a sticky heavy, just more like a wet type of heavy.  It's better to apply this product a good hour before showering.  Once showered, the heavy feeling goes away.

* The smell
Again, not a bad smell but it's definitely stronger than the Mousse.  Better applied at night at least 1 hour before showering.  If you apply this after showering or right before heading out for the day, forget applying any perfume.  My husband hated the smell of this one.

Wash Off - Instant Glow Body Lotion
Because this product is only for a temporary tan and washes off with one shower, you have no choice but to apply it the day of, right before heading out.  This is a great product if you don't feel you want to commit to a whole week of being tan or just want to tan certain areas.

* No streaks

* No commitment
Great for just bronzing some parts such as shoulders, filling in tan lines or if you're doing a shoot and don't want to commit your model/client to a whole week of being tan.

* Buildable
I love that you can choose to have a light tan or something a bit darker.  If applied and you feel that you want to go a bit deeper in color, wait until the product is completely dry and set in before applying another layer.

* Translates nicely on film/photos
What you see is what you get.  No weird flashbacks of white or orange.

* Not orange
No Oompa Loompa effect (always a plus).

* Doesn't rub off
Although it's a lotion, once dry and set into the skin (give or take about 5 - 7 minutes), it will not rub off onto your clothes!  You don't see this a lot with temporary products so it's nice to know that you can wear light colors and feel confident that your tan won't wind up on your clothes.

* Lightweight
No heavy or sticky feeling.  Feels just like any regular lotion.


I can't really put this into a pro or a con because everyone has a different sense of smell.  For me, it just has a bit of a lotion smell but not terrible.  You can definitely wear your perfume and not worry about having 2 different smells on.  I did find that there is a bit of an after smell (again not terrible) about 2 hours after application.  I didn't really mind the smell and neither did my husband.

Skin Illuminator - Gold
Gorgeous light shimmer and beautiful on pretty much any skin tone.  Great if you want a hint of luminescence and best used on shoulders, collar bone and legs.  A little goes a long way so careful not to over do it.  No crazy smells either.

Applicator Mitt
While it's not necessary to have this little accessory, it is nice to the touch.  Has a velvety feel to it and really does help the product go on evenly (especially the Self Tan products).  Since the Self Tans are semi-permanent,  I don't suggest using your bare hands to apply it.  Another alternative to buying/using the mitt is to use a fluffy brush to apply.  Something dome shaped like a Kabuki Brush, in a circular motion and making sure to blend.

I feel the Mitt is best for personal use and a brush is best if on set.  The Mitt is washable so if you feel you like that better, I suggest having more than one.

All products available at

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas/New Years Product Giveaway!!


I have WAY too much makeup that never gets touched. Help me make room for NEW items that I actually use, save the planet by preventing waste, AND get some new member “likes” by entering the drawing!


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**Each winner will be able to pick TWO items of their choice from the list.  Some items are new, some are lightly used (meaning I used it once or twice – don’t worry, I’m very sanitary and have sanitized any used items).

**Yes, shipping is on me and yes, I will ship internationally! Once the padded envelope or box leaves my hands, however, it is at the mercy of the postal system & customs.

Sound good? HERE are the products up for grabs (see the links for more details about each product) - remember, it's first come, first served, so watch your inbox on December 12!

MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation (NC35) -

MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation (NW45) -

NARS Balanced Foundation (Tahiti; discontinued) sorry no link

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation (No.75 Coffee) -

Yaby Cream Foundation Refill (CF036) -

Cover Blend Corrective Leg & Body Makeup (Sand) -

FACE Atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet (Dark) -

FACE Atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet (Light) -

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW45) -

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW35) -

LORAC Baked Matte Satin Blush (Hollywood; discontinued) -

CARGO Blush (Laguna) -

Make Up For Ever Flash Pot (Yellow) -

Make Up For Ever Flash Pot (Silver) -

Make Up For Ever Flash Pot (Black) -

Make Up For Ever Aquarelle (Pink) -

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector (Light Brown) -

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector (Dark Brown) -

Stila Brow Set (Warm; discontinued) -

Benefit Show Offs Shimmer Powder (Pistachio; discontinued) -

Benefit EyeCon Eye Cream (discontinued) -

L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base -

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's in YOUR Makeup Bag?

I've been requested to post many things and answer many questions but recently there was one person that requested (and was curious) to see what was in my personal makeup bag.  Thank goodness that it was a recent request because if this would have been requested last makeup bag would have been a shameful one.  I'm one of those makeup artist that really does try to buy things for myself, to keep my makeup bag full of awesome goodies.  But every time I buy something "for myself" I end up sticking it in my kit and I get left with the crappy drugstore stuff that makes you wince lol!

This year I made it a priority to keep my personal makeup bag up to date, clean and crap free lol!  Although there are still some drug store items in there, it's only the good gems I find - I promise!

Face - From Left to Right:
RCMA Foundation (that I use ONLY as concealer) in Shinto 1
Cover FX Tinted Moisturizer in E Deep
FACE Atelier Ultra Foundation in #6 (sometimes #5 depending on the time of year)
Liners - From Left to Right:
Shu Uemura Lip Pencil in Pink Beige
Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner in Ebony Black
Mehron Pro Pencil Slim in Absolutely Black
Mattesse Khol Eyeliner in Demin
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 11L
Laura Mercier Khol Eye Pencil in Purple Sapphire
Prestige Liquid Liner in Azure
Prestige Liquid Liner in Black
Maybelline Define-A-Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde
Mascaras - From Left to Right:
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash in Blue
Covergirl Lash Blast Length in Very Black
L'Oreal Voluminous in Blackest Black
Kanebo 38C Silk Performance in Black
Cheeks - From Left to Right:
CARGO Blush in Catalina
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer (which my awesome husband bumped into and shattered) in Toasted
MAC Highlighter Glimmershimmer in Astral Rays
Lips - From Left to Right:
Caudalie Lip Conditioner
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Iced Amethyst
Clinique Lipstick in Pink Spice
Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lipstick in Irise
Maybelline Wet Shine Fusion in Berry Intense
Cover Girl Wet Slicks in Grape Splash
Lancome Juicy Wear Seal & Shine (has some silver shimmer in it)
Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi
Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Quartz
Pot on Top: Urban Decay XXX Slick Gloss in Cocoa
This is a palette I bought over Ebay.  It's super cheap and it works for ME.  I'd never carry this in my kit.  I don't have any amazing eyeshadows in my personal bag because every time I buy one, I use it it my kit (It's a problem I'm still working on haha).  I really only wear eyeshadow (that isn't neutral) on special occasions anyways.
The brushes I have, have been given to me as gifts.  I can't really remember the last time I actually purchased a brush for myself.  The one on the far left USED to be in my kit and then I took it out and replaced it so I kept it for me (the brush was just too long and kept warping in my brush roll).  The Shu Uemura brushes were a gift from my BFF and the Crown Brushes I actually picked up at the Makeup Show Year two for someone and they never came to claim them so I kept them for myself.
I also carry some stuff in my purse (that I didn't photograph) which are the Victoria's Secret Lipgloss, Bath & Body Works Lipgloss and a Lip Stain from Maybelline.

So there you have it folks!  That's what's in my personal makeup bag.  I'd love to see what's in yours.  Send me some links or write in the comment section what you wear on a daily basis.  I'm curious to see what others have in THEIR makeup bag!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lip Stains

Lip of those things you LOVE but can't ever get for your kit because most of the ones in the market are just impossible to clean and keep sanitized between clients.  That is until I ran into TWO very awesome products.  One of them I had already tried and fell in love with the second my lips touched it, but the second one I semi discovered today (I say semi because the real discovery goes to Erin Chaney).  Face it, spraying some alcohol on it isn't quite cutting it and it just makes the point all weird after some time.  This is why I love:

Laura Mercier Lip Stain - $20
It comes in a POT!!  You can scoop it out, mix it with other lip stains, glosses, lipsticks or whatever your lovely artistic mind comes up with.  It also comes in 7 different colors.

Downside?  None!  They're simply amazing (like anything Laura Mercier) and I highly recommend them.

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain - $19
I know what you're thinking...looks like the same stuff we can't sanitize right?  WRONG!  Thanks to makeup buddy Erin Chaney, she discovered that if you take off the back piece (super easy to do), you can insert a disposable lipstick/gloss applicator to pick up the color and apply it on your client without ever having to use the marker tip.  GENIUS!  Comes in 9 different colors too!

Downside?  You can't mix them like the LM and I feel that the colors might be a bit too bold / loud if you have clients like mine (Film / TV / News Casters / Catalog etc.).  But if you have more Fashion based clients, these are perfect!