Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Makeup Artist Resumes

Lately I've been seeing that most newbie makeup artist are a bit confused on how their resume's should look.  I understand the confusion and trust me, I was once in that position.  So, for all the lovely aspiring makeup artists out there who want to know where to start but don't quite have all the super clients, here are some examples of what a pro resume should look like and what to do if you don't quite have enough material to put and make a resume.

Resume Examples:
Alexis Vogel
Liza Zomer
Jamie Weiss

And mine: Yisell Santos

Beefy Bio:
If you feel that you don't have enough to put on your resume, then wait it out till you get more clients.  As an alternative, you can always put some of the work you've done in your bio section.  Play with wording to make it sound really good but DO NOT, I repeat, do not lie.  It WILL come back to bite you in the bottom and it's not pretty.  

And the BEST awesome example of how to put "resume content" into your bio goes to:  Deanna Bell.  This has it all!  Experience, resume content and telling them how awesome you are without boasting.  Mine is pretty cool too so feel free to take a look my Bio section as well.

I hope I've helped to clarify some things and if you have any questions...feel free to ask away!