Friday, September 27, 2013

Bridal Must-Haves

And the question arises again...and again lol.  What are your bridal must haves?  Finally after answering the same questions various times, I decided that its time to make a blog about it.  So here are my favorite bridal must haves that I are in my kit.  Again, I like to remind you that this is MY personal opinion.  Everyone's kit is different and what works for one artist, might not work for another.  But I do always encourage everyone to try it out first.  Go and play!  That's the best part of our job.  We get to PLAY!!

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

These babies are amazing!  I love to keep these in my kit for the bride.  Keep in mind that she's been planning this day since she was a little girl.  Not when she got engaged, not when she knew that boy was the one...since she was a little girl!  Now if you ask me, that's a long time!  Why not help them relax with these eye gels?  They somehow magically remain cool even in room temperature and help relax the skin around the eyes which is the most thinnest and sensitive skin in our whole entire body.  Even if she doesn't have puffiness I still apply them.  Why?  Because it makes her feel special and pampered.  She is the bride after all.  She should feel special.

FACEatelier Lip Putty

Where would I be without my lip putty?  FACEatelier's lip putty is by far the best lip smoother I've ever encountered that does more than one job.  Not only does it smooth lips, but it hydrates, fills in lines and prevents bleeding. If you're the type of artist that loves to use lip tars for bridal, this is for you.  Honestly, I use it under everything from lipsticks to lip tars to lip liners!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free

When it comes to foundation primers, this is my favorite.  I've been using it since like, forever!  This tube of awesome primes without leaving the skin looking and feeling too matte, so you still get a nice dewy effect (if that's what you and/or the bride are going for) without looking oily or greasy.  Most brides get married during the summer meaning sweating will happen.  Even if the bride doesn't have oily skin, the weather can hinder the staying power of the makeup and the last thing we want is a melting bride.  And no one wants to see that!  Tip: If I know it's going to be a really hot wedding day, the day before I put it into the refrigerator.  By the time I arrive on location, it's nice and cool and it helps with calming the skin.

Fortunate Face Minerals IntesifEYE

I've spent years trying various eye primers and all have disappointed.  Some didn't hold up, some I just disliked the texture.  I had actually given up on eye primers and just took extra steps to make sure eyeshadows wouldn't crease or fade.  But then I was sent a sample of IntesifEYE and I fell in love!  This stuff is legit.  A tiny, tiny bit goes a long way.  I mean half of half of a pea size is all you need and I love that because I'll have it forever.  If you don't want eyeshadow crease or fade, you need this.  If you want eyeshadow to need this!  This will forever be a staple in my kit.

Urban Decay All Nighter

And the finisher!  The lovely All Nighter setting spray.  I cannot live without this in my kit.  In fact, I could never send a bride down the isle without misting this on.  Even if you've taken all measures to make sure that her makeup wont melt, I use this as a reassurance that the makeup will absolutely not budge.  After the "I Do's" what do brides do?  That's right!  They party!  Meaning they will dance.  Dancing means sweating.  Sweating means melting...and we sure can't have that!  Sure nothing lasts forever and nothing is ever really "waterproof" but I sure can delay the process.

Note: Sweat and tears are not only made up of water.  They are made up of salt, mucous, water and various oils.  So next time your "waterproof" eye liner runs, don't blame the product, it's not it's fault.