Makeup Artist Agencies

Many of us don't know how many Makeup Artist Agencies there are out there.  In fact, I seem to discover one every week!  I figured I'd list all of the agencies (that I can think of and know of so far) so that all you beautiful and wonderful aspiring artists (and the already pros) can take a look at them.  See what type of agency they are, what type of work they have and who are the artists.  Since I am in the New York market most of the one's I have are NY based so please excuse me for the lack of knowledge for other places.  I will update this any time I can when I find new ones and please feel free to contact me if you'd like to add to this list.

Makeup Artist Agencies
Aartlondon (London)
Agency Gerard Management (NY - Miami)
Agent Oliver (NY)
Aim Artists (NY - LA)
Airport Agency (Paris)
Anderson Hopkins (NY)
Anyway Mgmt (NY)
Art + Commerce (NY - Paris)
Art Department (NY - Paris - Milan)
Art List (NY - Paris)
Art Partner (NY)
The Artist Group  (AU)
Artists United (LA - San Fran)
Artistic Cube (NY)
Artistic Licence (London)
Artists by Next (NY - LA)
ARTISTS by Timothy Priano (NY - LA - Miami - Chicago - International)
Atelier Management (NY - LA)
B Agency (NY - Paris)
BA Reps (NY)
Balan Inc. (NY)
Beauty and Photo (NY)
BeautyWing (NY)
Blink (Denmark)
Blue Issue (Dallas)
Break Management (NY)
Bryan Bantry (NY)
Calliste Agency (Paris)
The Campbell Agency (Dallas)
Carol Hayes Management (London)
Celestine Agency (Santa Monica)
Cloutier Remix (CA)
Community NYC (NY)
Company 1  (AU)
Creative Management (NY)
Current Studio  (LA - NY - Paris)
De Facto, Inc. (NY)
Dew Beauty Agency (LA)
D + V Management (NY - London)
Emma Davies (London)
Ennis Inc.  (NY - Boston - CA)
Epiphany Agency (LA)
Era Management (London)
Exclusive Artists Management (NY - LA)
Exposure NY (NY)
Ford Artists (NY - Chicago - Miami - Toronto - San Fran - Milwaukee)
Frank Agency (London)
Frank Reps (California)
IA Agency (Dallas)
Intro Artists (NY - LA - Miami)
Illusions Management (NY)
Jed Root (NY - LA - Paris - London - Tokyo)
Joe Management (NY)
Joy Goodman (London)
Judy Casey (NY)
Judy Inc. (Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver)
Julian Watson (London)
Jump Management (NY)
Karlee Artist Management (LA)
Kasteel + Agent (Barcelona)
Kate Ryan, Inc. (NY)
Ken Barboza (NY)
Kess Agency (NY)
Kramer + Kramer (NY)
L Artists Agency (NY - Milan)
L'Atelier (NY)
Lizard Management  (AU)
Liz Bell Agency  (Canada)
Lily Artists (NY - Miami - Chicago - San Fran - LA - Las Vegas - Boston)
LMC Worldwide (London)
Look Artists Agency (NY - LA - San Fran - Chicago - Seattle)
Look Production  (AU - India - Singapore - Hong Kong - China)
Loox Agency (Germany)
Luna Llena Management (NY)
Magnet (NY - LA - UK)
Macs|Amax (Nashville - Memphis)
The Magnet Agency (NY - LA - UK)
Management + Artists (NY - Paris - Milan)
Mandy Coakley (London)
Marek and Associates (NY)
Mark Edward, Inc. (NY)
MeMeMeReps (Beverly Hills)
Michele Filomeno (NY - Hong Kong - Paris - Milan)
Motif Management (Barcelona)
My-Management (London)
Names Agency  (AU)
Next Artists (NY)
The Nest Agency  (AU)
Network Agency (AU)
Nude (Germany)
On Set Management (Dallas)
One Makeup (London)
OPUS Beauty (LA - NY)
Page One Management (Toronto)
Plutino Group (Toronto)
Premier Hair and Makeup (London)
Production Department (NY)
Pure Management (NY)
Ray Brown Represents (NY)
Reload Agency  (AU - New Zealand)
The Rex Agency (LA)
Rouge Artists (CA)
Sarah Laird + Good Company (NY)
Seaminx (Dallas)
See Management (NY)
Soho Management (London)
Spectacular Studios (Sweden)
Starworks Artists (NY - LA)
Stilista Agency (NY)
Stockland Martel (NY)
Streeters (NY - London)
Susan Price, Inc. (NY)
Talents (Madrid)
Team (NY - MA)
T.H.E Artist Agency (DC)
They Rep (Canada)
Tim Howard Management (NY)
Tracey Mattingly (LA)
Tricia Joyce, Inc. (NY)
TRON Management (Tokyo)
Urban Siren (LA)
Utopia (NY)
Vendrame  (AU)
Viviens Creative  (AU)
The Wall Group (NY - LA)
Workgroup Ltd. (NY - LA - San Fran - Paris)
WT Management (NY)
Zenobia (NY - LA - San Fran - Chicago - Miami)
2c Management  (AU)