Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Magic of the Makeup Forever Flash Palette

Many claim "must have" items in their kit.  Be it an eyeshadow palette or a blush but when I mention that the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Flash Palette is a MUST in their kit, most of the time I'm looked at with a questionable face.  "What do I need that for?", "What do you use it for?"  Well, let me tell you what you can use it for.  EVERYTHING!!  Yes, everything!

Things I use it for:
Correcting Foundation
Adjusting Foundation
Creating Foundation

Let me tell you that this palette has saved my life in some occasions.  I've cleaned out the kit and OOPS! I forgot to pack my neutral matte eyeshadow palette.  Do I panic?  Nope!  Why?  Because I have my MUFE Flash palette.  The only time I ever remove that palette out of my kit is when I'm actually using it.  I even have a designated pocket for it in my Zuca.

To show you how important it is to have this palette in your kit, I've gone and done my 98% of my face using JUST the MUFE Flash Palette (the 2% is the gloss I used on my lips and mascara).

First things first, create the foundation color.  Mixing Brown, White, Yellow, Red & Peach I created my own foundation to match my skin tone.

Second, I made sure that it did indeed match my skin tone.  I swatched it on the back on my hand and even somewhat blended a bit just to make sure.

Now I went ahead and took one for the team and took some before, during and after pictures. 
NOTE: It's laundry day, my hair's a mess and my brows are over due for some love and grooming...don't judge me =P

I particularly photographed this side of my face which is where I have some old teenage acne (and even some reoccurring) scarring on the chin area.  I am completely bare faced here with nothing on but moisturizer.

With a Kabuki brush, I've completely buffed in the foundation I created to even out skin tone (and cover up those pesky little scars).

With the same flash palette I've contoured, added rosy cheeks (blush), did a day time brown matte smokey eye and a classy red lip.  The colors I used to create this looks were:
Brown (for the shadow and slight contouring)
Magenta (for the blush - buffed also with a kabuki brush for softness)
Red (for the lips - I added my own gloss for drama)

I swear by this palette and so should you.  If you already own this palette then you already know what I'm talking about.  If you have yet to put this palette in your kit, then I highly suggest it becomes #1 in the priority list.  Another artist that swears by this palette is Roshar.  He can make anything from it...but then again it's Roshar and I'm pretty sure he can magically bake cupcakes from this palette!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Win It! Yaby Cosmetics World of Pearl Paints Palette!


Because you guys are such awesome people I've decided to do a wonderful giveaway.  I want to share my love for Yaby Cosmetics with everyone.  Some already own Yaby products and some don't (yet).

Yaby was developed by Toroto makeup artist Liz Yu, when searching for a solution to condense her ever-growing kit.  After going through a number of DIY kit solutions, (which were all eventually replaced due to difficulties in finding easily sourced DIY materials) Liz decided the only solution was to create a more permanent and easily customized way for all artists looking for an answer to their kit's organization.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Business Cards - Revised

Business Cards...that lovely 2 x 3.5 piece of paper that you give out...that people keep...that plays a part in getting you work.  A while back I had done a blog post on business cards.  I stated that keeping it simple is the best way to go but if you wanted to add a photo, it had to be tasteful.  Well, my opinion on that has changed.

As artists, we see a blank canvas and we just can't resist filling it up with art and color.  Some people like to put images of their work on their cards and some don't.  Putting an image on your card is totally up to you but remember, it can make or break your card.  Which is why when I am asked "should I put an image on my business card?  If so, how many images should I put?"  My answer...NONE!  Yup, you read that correctly.  None.

Here's why:
* If I put a clean beauty image on my card and hand it out to a fashion client, they're going to assume that all I do is clean work and cannot execute a fashion story.
* If I put a fashion image on my card and hand it out to a catalog/TV client, they're going to assume that all I do is fashion work and won't be able to execute clean every day makeup.

So in turn, I've just lost work because the client assumed that I can only do the kind of makeup that is on my business card.  "But, Yisell, they can always just go to my site and see that I have lots of other work."  Yes that is true...but do they really go to your site?  Does anyone go past page 1 or 2 when searching Google?  Once they see the photo on your card, they won't see a reason to go to your site.  But if there's nothing there, the WANT to see more.  Like the lovely Michael DeVellis once said "Putting a photo on your card tells only ONE story."

Also, what if you've given away your business card 5 yrs ago, and your current work has gone a major improvement?  If I'm looking for a makeup artist or an assistant, all I have is that picture from 5 yrs ago that isn't the best.  What do you think is going to happen?

What should be on your business card?
* Your full real name.  Not "luscious lips makeup" or "sparkles of glitter".  First Name and Last Name (ie: Yisell Santos).

* What you do.  "Makeup Artist", "Hair Stylist" or maybe you do both "Makeup & Hair".

* Your website, which should be your first and last name.  Not "" or "".  It should look like this: or  Why?  Because "sparkles of glitter" is NOT your name!  I don't say "hey, so glad to see you again sparkles of glitter", I say "hey, so glad to see you again Jane Smith".

* Your email address.  Preferably it should be with  Not gmail or yahoo or aol. (ie: contact[at]yisellsantos[dot]com).

* Your phone number

What should not be in on your business card:
* Photos (as per discussed above)

* Crazy Clipart (or as I like to call it "Foo Foo").  What registers as foo foo?  Clip arts of glosses, mascara wands, powder puffs etc.  Those are extra unnecessary things that your card does not need, causes a distraction and can make your card look amateurish.
NOTE: Foo Foo is not to be confused with Logo's.  Logo's are perfectly ok to have (see Liz's card below).

Here are some examples of really great business cards (phone numbers have been blocked out for privacy purposes):

Liz Washer

Victor Amos