Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get Naked 2?

When the first Naked Palette was released I remember not being able to find it anywhere in stores or online because it was sold out!  Now, there are talks about a Naked 2 palette that according to Urban Decay's website and Twitter page, is "coming soon".  Rumor has it that its in December, while others say that it's in February just in time for Valentines day.  I'm going to bet that it's in Dec just in time for the holidays.

Naked 1 came with a Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush and a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
Naked 2 is said to come with a Duel Ended Brush and a Lipgloss in "Naked".

Here are some product shots that have been circling the interwebs for a couple of days.

Colors from Left to Right:
Half Baked (which is in the first Naked Palette)

I have to admit that I don't really see too much of a big change here except for the black color (Blackout).  Nothing I don't already have in my kit (or something close).  First off, they're using Half Baked AGAIN and second...can we say SHIMMER BOMB?!  I would have loved to see Naked 2 filled with beautiful matte colors.  As an artist who works mostly doing catalogs, TV/Film, Corporate etc., shimmer shadows aren't always appropriate.  But for a consumer, this is heaven!

While I love my Naked 1 palette to death, I don't think I'll be getting Naked 2 (no pun intended, ha!).  For those of you who will probably get it anyways, I'd love to hear your feedback on the product.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Your Questions Answered - 2

Relating to your creative beauty images in your portfolio, what do you like to use when creating such images?  Would creams or pigments be ideal? 
I love using both!  Every artist has his/her way of doing things.  I use everything and anything from MUFE Flash color palettes to OCC loose shadow powders.  There are times that I forget to pack things in my kit and I make it happen by using lip/eyeliners or even scraping eyeshadows and mixing it with lipgloss or vaseline.  What you use is up to you and what makes YOU feel comfortable.

What are your favorite concealers?
There are so many great concealers on the market and I know many makeup artist that use different things than I do but for me personally, I really love the MUFE Camo Concealers and the Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Cream. The Graftobian creams I use as both foundation and concealer.  They're just THAT awesome.  I find that it's also the best cream product that mixes well with my MUFE HD foundations for when I need a little more extra coverage.

Do you contour?  What are some great tips and tricks for contouring?  What products to you use to achieve the best result?
I do contour!  Contouring is a very tricky thing to do.  Just like applying eyeliner, it takes practice. Getting to know the different types of face shapes, bone structure and facial muscles is key.  This is why I like applying moisturizer with my hands, so I can feel the bone structure and get a better sense of how I'm going to use the bone structure to my advantage.  Not everyone get's contoured the same way but some basic tips and tricks you can use are:

- Contour in the 3 shape.  With your brush, "draw" the #3 on your face.  What do I mean by that?  Start at your temples, curve down to your cheekbones and curve down again along the jaw line.  Sometimes you can even contour the forehead along the hairline for a nice sun kissed look, but wouldn't recommend doing it if you have a low hairline.  It will make your forehead look smaller and a bit awkward.

- Use the "Triangle of Light".  The triangle of light is the basic of highlighting.  Things you highlight are: forehead area between your eyes, brow bones, bridge of the nose (unless you have a larger nose, then you'd contour the bridge), under eye area and chin.

I use a number of different products to contour.  It really all depends how much contouring I'm doing, what medium I'm contouring for (TV/Film/Print), skin color and of course, the face shape.  I use both powders and creams and even use darker concealers and foundations to get the effect.  I love powders better because I feel I have more control, but again, every artist is different and you should use what works best for you.  Some pressed powder products I carry in my kit to contour are:

- NARS in "Laguna"
- MAC in "Matte Bronze"
- Face Atelier in "Brazilian Blaze"
- Black Opal in "Classic Espresso"

Do you own a Zuca?  I'd like to buy one but don't want to spend the money if I'm not going to like it.
I do own a Zuca but unfortunately this is one of those questions that's really difficult to answer because everyone has different tastes.  There are a lot of factors to think about.  Do you drive?  Do you take public transportation a lot?  Would you rather take everything out and lay it out or leave everything in and work out of your kit?  How much stuff do you carry?  Do you adjust your kit differently for different jobs and only take what you'll need?

I live in the concrete jungle of NYC where I use public transportation to get to my jobs.  The city streets are filled with cracks and pot holes and not to mention people constantly kicking and bumping into my bag on the crowded subway.  I also prefer to lay everything OUT of my kit, carry only what I need for the job and adjust my kit to the particular job I'm doing (which, when doing hair, actually allows me to fit BOTH hair and makeup into ONE bag -- I show how I do that here).  I love my Zuca, it's shock proof which is great because my eyeshadows are safe from cracking, fits perfectly between the subway turnstyle, it has a built in chair that I use while on set and it fits everything I need in there (unless I'm using the airbrush or using hot rollers in which I carry a separate shoulder bag because they don't fit in my Zuca).

Now if you like to carry lots of stuff (or very little stuff) or like to work out of your bag, then the Zuca is not for you.  I know artist who love to carry their kits on clear shoulder bags and work directly from there.  To each it's own.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's in MY kit

As per request, I've taken pictures of what I carry daily in my kit.  I have a LOT of stuff that I don't bring and that I didn't take pictures of but maybe one day I will and share that as well.  I do a lot of commercial, catalog, TV/Film etc. so I mostly carry and use neutrals.  Any questions on particular colors or brands please feel free to ask me.  So with further adieu, here is my kit:

My skin care stuff:
From Left to Right:  Embryolisse Moisturizer, MUFE Eye Makeup Remover, Maybelline Makeup Remover, Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner, Alcohol, Toner, Hand Sanitizer
I use these mostly for print work:
Top - Black Opal Stick Foundations: Black Walnut, Heavenly Honey, Hazel Nut
Bottom - From Left to Right: Face Atelier  #0-, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, 0+

I use these A LOT for Film/TV work.  I use the same 3 colors and mix them with each other.  I carry more than one of the same color just to make sure I don't run out in the middle of a job.  With these 3 colors I make it work for pretty much everyone.
The first 3 are #118, the two after that is #128 and the last one is #177

MUFE Camo Palette Concealers #1 & #4
MUFE Camo Concealers Singles (since I'm running out) #14 & #15
Graftobian Palette Warm #3 (I use it as both concealers and foundations)
Eye Palettes
Left Side from Top: Kat Von D Palette in Beethoven, Diane Brill Eyeshadow Singles in Belgian Lace & Lace Ribbons, Ramy Cream Shadow Quad
Right Side - Top: A mix of different shadows all in one Z Palette, Bottom - Crown Brush Neutral Palette.  Most of the colors are surprisingly good.

My fun colorful kit
Various brands depotted into a Z Palette including NYX, NARS, Urban Decay, Yaby, Nixie, MUFE, MAC, Too Faced and Shiseido

Urban Decay Naked Palette

MUFE Flash Palette
Macaras, Eyeliners, Eyebrow Pencils, Lash Curler and Sharpener
Blush Palette, Bronzers, Highlighters, Setting Powders
Depotted lipsticks into a Japonesque Palette - Side 1

Depotted lipsticks into a Japonesque Palette - Side 2
Currently slowly transitioning the lipsticks in the Japonesque palette into the Z Palette.
More glosses, other lipsticks and lip liners.
Lip Tars: I don't carry every single one with me in my kit, I just pull the ones I need according to the job.
Sephora Lipgloss Palette (Don't let the sparkles fool you, they're amazing for TV)
Supplies: Sponges, Mascara Wands etc.
All of the lovely brushes

The Fun Stuff
Though they spend most of their time in storage, I do have some fun stuff for those special color/glitter moments.

Shimmery/Glittery and funky colored glosses
A colorful assortment of glimmers and shimmers

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elaine & Otto's Wedding

I never really blog about the weddings that I do.  Not really sure why but I know that I just had to for this particular wedding.  Not only is the groom my husbands work buddy and good friend, but I met his wonderful wife Elaine through their friendship.  They are also the only couple that I know, other than my husband and I, that are so into each other.  That are as sickeningly cute and pretty much profess their love to each other every chance they get (plus their vows truly made me shed some serious tears).

I was super excited when Elaine asked me to do hair and makeup for her wedding.  I just knew she'd be such a beautiful bride.  And I was right!  Here are the pics to prove it!  Enjoy!

Click on Images to Enlarge

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hidden Gems That Make Me Smile

Laura Mercier Limited Edition Mini Lip Glace Set

Colors: Quartz, Sparkling, Rose, After Hours, Blush

First of all I have to commend my bestie for finding this gem.  As we're aimlessly walking through Sak's 5th Avenue, swatching things on our hands and testing out lipglosses on ourselves, she comes up to me and says "What do you think of this?"  She pouts her lips and I immediately fall in LOVE (with the color, not her lips haha!).  She's wearing the color "Sparkling".  She then shows me that they come in a cute little mini set.  Of course I pretty much DIED by just looking at the colors.  I just had to get them!

And so I did!  For $48 you can't go wrong here.  These glosses are greatly pigmented so they're wonderful both alone and with lipstick.  The longevity is great (last longer when mixed with lipstick), they don't bleed out of the lip area and they're not sticky (if you know me you'd know that I HATE sticky glosses).  And don't let some of the sparkles fool you, they're so minimal that it works for everything (TV/Film & Print).  In fact, the "sparkles" add the effect of fuller lips.

They're a great addition to both a pro kit and personal use.  "Rose", "Sparkling", "After Hours" and "Blush" are great TV/Film, commercial, corporate, lifestyle and bridal colors.  "Quartz" is an amazing evening color and looks fabulous on women of color.

Available at: Saks,, Bergdorf Goodman

Note: Just because it says "Limited Edition" doesn't mean that you still can't pick these up in regular size.  Only the Mini set is limited edition.

Sephora Collection Shimmer Harmony Gloss Palette

While hanging out with a makeup buddy of mine, we stumbled into Sephora and she told me about this little lipgloss set that she has in her kit.  This particular friend is one of the makeup artist for the Nate Berkus Show so I buy anything that she says works!  And boy does this little gloss set work!  You get 6 little color squares that look amazing on TV.  Just like the Laura Mercier, don't let the sparkles fool you.  They're really not that intense.  If you're looking for sparkle this is NOT the palette for you but if you want gloss that works, picks up great in camera and isn't sticky, this palette is perfect.

The colors here are a bit more sheer so if you're thinking that the last color to your right is too dark, think again.  Super great alone but I personally love to use them on top of lipliner.  I color the whole lip in with the lipliner of my choice and put the gloss on top.  I also love to mix the colors together and make my own color. The possibilities are endless with this palette.  All for $12!!

Available at: Sephora

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Must Haves - Makeup Books

As much as I stress about how assisting is the best way to really learn the in's and out's of this business, I always love having some books to help out with the process.  When I first started out, these books were my bibles.  I read them from cover to cover, learning everything and anything that I could.  Some have really great information and some are just purely for eye candy purposes.  While I don't own every single one of them, I'm going to list them anyway.  I'll list them in two separate categories (which I own and read and which I've heard others highly recommend).

I'm sure many of you have read other books that are not in this list. So please, feel free to share your favorite books and I'll be sure to add them to the list.

Color: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors by Betty Edwards

Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

The Art of Makeup by Kevyn Aucoin

Kevyn Aucoin a beautiful life: The Success, Struggles, and Beauty Secrets of a Legendary Makeup Artist by Kerry Diamond

Beautiful Brows: The Ultimate Guide to Styling, Shaping, and Maintaining Your Eyebrows by Nancy Parker & Nancy Kalish

Makeup Makeovers: Weddings: Stunning Looks for the Entire Bridal Party by Robert Jones

Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations by Robert Jones

Bobbi Brown Beauty by Bobbi Brown

*Note: There is also a Second Edition.
*Note:  I hear this book is an oldie but a goodie.  Meaning its great to have but because it's a tad old, some things might be outdated.