Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hidden Gems That Make Me Smile

Laura Mercier Limited Edition Mini Lip Glace Set

Colors: Quartz, Sparkling, Rose, After Hours, Blush

First of all I have to commend my bestie for finding this gem.  As we're aimlessly walking through Sak's 5th Avenue, swatching things on our hands and testing out lipglosses on ourselves, she comes up to me and says "What do you think of this?"  She pouts her lips and I immediately fall in LOVE (with the color, not her lips haha!).  She's wearing the color "Sparkling".  She then shows me that they come in a cute little mini set.  Of course I pretty much DIED by just looking at the colors.  I just had to get them!

And so I did!  For $48 you can't go wrong here.  These glosses are greatly pigmented so they're wonderful both alone and with lipstick.  The longevity is great (last longer when mixed with lipstick), they don't bleed out of the lip area and they're not sticky (if you know me you'd know that I HATE sticky glosses).  And don't let some of the sparkles fool you, they're so minimal that it works for everything (TV/Film & Print).  In fact, the "sparkles" add the effect of fuller lips.

They're a great addition to both a pro kit and personal use.  "Rose", "Sparkling", "After Hours" and "Blush" are great TV/Film, commercial, corporate, lifestyle and bridal colors.  "Quartz" is an amazing evening color and looks fabulous on women of color.

Available at: Saks,, Bergdorf Goodman

Note: Just because it says "Limited Edition" doesn't mean that you still can't pick these up in regular size.  Only the Mini set is limited edition.

Sephora Collection Shimmer Harmony Gloss Palette

While hanging out with a makeup buddy of mine, we stumbled into Sephora and she told me about this little lipgloss set that she has in her kit.  This particular friend is one of the makeup artist for the Nate Berkus Show so I buy anything that she says works!  And boy does this little gloss set work!  You get 6 little color squares that look amazing on TV.  Just like the Laura Mercier, don't let the sparkles fool you.  They're really not that intense.  If you're looking for sparkle this is NOT the palette for you but if you want gloss that works, picks up great in camera and isn't sticky, this palette is perfect.

The colors here are a bit more sheer so if you're thinking that the last color to your right is too dark, think again.  Super great alone but I personally love to use them on top of lipliner.  I color the whole lip in with the lipliner of my choice and put the gloss on top.  I also love to mix the colors together and make my own color. The possibilities are endless with this palette.  All for $12!!

Available at: Sephora


  1. I happened to see a set very similar to the Sephora one at Sallys last week and almost picked it up, I will have to check out both now

  2. I've had my eye on that Laura Mercier gloss set for a while. I think your swatches have pushed me over the edge, they're so pretty. I need to get this set!

  3. Thanks for these finds! I have been wanting to revamp & condense the lip options in my kit for a while. I will have to check both of these out.

  4. I'm glad I could help! I personally love anything "mini" in my kit. I hate big and bulky packaging so whenever I see anything mini, I def get it. Saves space in my already ridiculously huge kit.