Monday, March 28, 2011

Zuca Packing Condensed for Hair & Makeup

Here is how I have my Zuca packed with BOTH hair and makeup and NO backpack.  I've pretty much condensed to what I KNOW I always use.  Please note that this is not what I own as a whole.  I pack for the job and only take what I need and what I know I always reach for.  Also, please note that I do mostly commercial hair so I don't need to carry lots of hair products with me.

What's in my Zuca you ask?  Well, let's take a closer look:

1. Sponges, Cotton Swabs, Powder Puffs, Q-Tips, Mascara Wands

2. Eyeshadow Singles and Palettes wrapped in a towel 

3. Right: Concealers
Center: Blushes, Highlighers and Bronzers
Left: Foundations
All folded up neatly into the pouch (bottom pic)

4. Liners, Mascaras, Lash Curler, Sharpener, Brow Pencils

5. Cozzette Vessel: Lipglosses

6. Body Effects for glowing skin and/or body bronzing

7. Hair Stuff such as: Blower, Brushes, Hair Products, Hair Irons

8. More Hair Stuff such as: Bobby Pins, Hair clips and more hair brushes

9. Brush Roll

10. Outside Right Pocket: Hair Straightner (brought when needed)

11. Outside Left Pocket of Zuca: Skincare stuff, brush cleaner, alcohol etc.

12. Outside Right Pocket of Zuca: Curling Iron #2

13. And deep within the Zuca (unseen by just opening): Japonesque Lipstick Palette

And here is my Zuca, all packed up and ready to go!
Inside pockets on the left side have: Makeup Remover wipes, Lashes, Lip Moisturizers, Spatula and Mixing Palette.


  1. oh way. thanks for showing me how to travel with makeup
    i usually carry it on.

  2. Very impressive...esp. having BOTH Hair & Makeup!

  3. Cool beans! Thanks for sharing and ca't wait to get something other than my train case! I'm running out of space.

  4. This is truly brilliant, Yisell! I'm so impressed with your organization skills!

  5. Haha thanks! Took a while to get it like that but I'm glad I was able to experiment. I saved money and I travel light!

  6. Nicely organized. I need to get a teasing brush :)

  7. amazing how condense it is~ >.< I have the backpack and a small train! well.. my backpack is not very full, mostly makeup/hair brushes and MISC stuff!

  8. Great packing Yisell! Do you know how much it weighs packed?

  9. I should weight it! Right now it's ultra condensed for Flight (which I will have pics of as well), but when I get back from my trip I will repack it and weight it for ya =)

  10. Is this the pro artist size Yisell? I'm saving for a zucca and want to be able to take along both my hair andmakeup kits, my current dual case is so darn heavy lol