Monday, October 3, 2011

Brushes vs. Sponges

Foundation Brushes vs. Sponges.  To be honest they both do different things so to compare them would be pointless.  Also, each brush gives a different finish as well.  Below I'll discuss the one's I carry in my kit and why I like them so much.

1. Sonia Kashuk - Large Duo Fibre Multipurpose Brush - $12.99
I put this first because it is literally my all time favorite brush to use with liquid foundation.  It gives the most beautiful airbrushed finish but without the airbrush.  The end result is super smooth, flawless and seamless.  It's the brush I reach for first.  I find that it also covers more ground especially in the neck area.  It's also available in small for smaller areas such as the nose, under eyes and chin (or for a flawless powder blush application).

2. Sonia Kashuk - Synthetic Pointed Foundation Brush - $12.99
My favorite when applying cream foundations.  Cream foundations (when not thinned down) can be a bit tough to pick up and spread when using a regular foundation brush.  But with this one, because it's pointed, the brush itself is a bit sturdier and the bristles closer together.  Great for getting in those deep set corner of the eyes and around the nose area.

3. Crown Brush - Mineral Series: Taklon Foundation Brush M10 - $3.25
Although there isn't really anything "special" about this brush I really like it because the bristles are pressed together really tightly and I can use it for my older clients who have a bit of wrinkles.  I feel it get's really in there especially near crows feet and laugh lines.

4. Crown Brush - Luna Series: Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush BK9 - $4.99
My second favorite brush next to the Sonia Kashuk one.  I like that although its a flat head, the bristles aren't as tight and it has a bit of a feathering affect at the tip.  I love to use it when I highlight and contour with any cream products.  It doesn't give a harsh line and makes the product go on super smooth.  Also wonderful with cream or cream to powder blushes.

5. Crown Brush - Luna Series: Oval Camouflage Concealer Brush BK10 - $2.88
Yes I know, I know...we're discussing foundation brushes.  But I had to add this one because I own about 3 of these.  It has the same effect as the Foundation brush above.  Concealer goes on as smooth as a baby's bottom and leaves no streaking.

6. Beauty Blender Sponge - $19.95 - $39.95
As a makeup artist who isn't too fond of sponges (trust me, it even took me a while to give into using this product) I gotta say this little egg of happiness makes my day!  My favorite way to use it is to wet it, squeeze any water out and get into the corner of the eyes.  I also absolutely LOVE it to blend out the edges near the hairline.  There are many that look like it and claim they're better, but they're not.  The material that it's made of is patent and there is no other like it.

7. Alcone Non-Latex Sponges - $2.50 for a block pre-cut into 8 individual
These are the sponges that I started out using 7 years ago and these are the sponges I use to this day.  I might not use them often but when in need of a sponge, this is my go to.  I personally like to use them dry to take away or "erase" any mistakes.  Great for toning down too much blush or any product for that matter.


  1. I have been using brushes that came with the Bare Minerals kit. I had been wondering what brushes to upgrade to.. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome love. Glad to be of help =)