Sunday, March 21, 2010

Makeup Cooldown

Spring and Summer are on their way and with that comes humidity and disgusting heat.  What does that mean for your makeup kit?  Lipsticks and cream products get all sweaty and gross looking.  It can also mess with the consistency of your products such as your lipsticks and cream foundations.  Keeping your makeup in a cool dry place is key.  Avoid storing it in the bathroom because of all the constant changes in temperature every time someone takes a bath or shower can, over time, affect your products.

A nice place to keep your makeup from getting moldy or attracting bacteria and dirt is to store them in a cosmetic cooler (shown above), keeping them at the ideal temperature of 45 - 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  The downside?  A cosmetic cooler can run you anywhere from $80 to $200 depending on the brand and where you shop for it. (YIKES!)

A really awesome inexpensive alternative is to store your products in the refrigerator.  This prolongs the shelf-life, makes your makeup last longer and the cool products feel so nice on the skin especially in the summer.

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