Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is That a Soccer Ball Under Your Shirt?

I never post personal things in my blog.  I'm a very private person and really only share with those very close to me.  Though, once we're close and you really get to know me, I'm quite the foul mouthed, no holds barred kinda girl ha!  I'm from NYC, whatevah!

Many people who follow me of Facebook , Twitter and Instagram (@yisellsmakeup) know that I'm...wait for it...PREGNANT!  Yes!  I've created life and am now carrying a human in me!  WOO HOO!  I've kind of sneaked in some hints and even posted pictures here and there.  Some noticed my growing belly, some didn't.  I didn't exactly publicly announce it (again private person), but I've decided that since the time is soon approaching for me to take a break from work, I'd go ahead and make it really public.

Mid to ending May marks the beginning of my 8th month (I'm 32 weeks now and due June 30th / July 1st) and man I gotta tell ya, I'm starting to feel it.  I was doing just great - taking jobs, getting up early to answer emails, help other artists with their sites etc.  But lately, my poor little legs and ankles are starting to yell at me if I stand for too long.  Tho, this doesn't impair my work in any way.  I just go home and complain to my husband, he tells me to relax and stop working so much but of course I don't listen and he ends up rubbing my footies for hours. WIN!

My little guy at 27 weeks sucking his thumb
Thankfully as a freelance artist I can pick and choose the jobs I know I can handle and make my own schedule but I've promised myself that after June 2nd (the 1st I have a bride lol) that I will take it easy and put myself on Maternity Leave until I know and feel ready to go back to work.  I'll take that last month to slug around, catch up on TV shows and do last minute adjustments to baby's room.

I love my job and can't ever quit completely. I know the work flow won't be the same again (for a long while) and I'm ok with that.  Traveling for now is out of the question.  I was raised to love being with family and that's what I'm going to do.  After almost 10 years in this business, now it's mommy time.  I started out doing weddings, worked damn hard to get where I am, moved up and did lots of print work and even some TV/Film work.  I've been very fortunate and so grateful to the people I've met along the way.  I've had one hell of a good run.  All I wanna do is make people pretty and be with my family.  And that's exactly what I'm gonna do!  I'm back to concentrating only on bridal (for now) which would only really take up a couple hours of my weekends and the rest of the time I'll spend with the hubby and cuddling with my son.

Now this doesn't mean that I won't post here anymore, share my beauty finds, update on the social networks or give anymore advice.  It just means that I might not be able to respond to your lovely comments and questions as fast as usual.  Please, please do keep commenting and emailing me.  I love to hear from you guys and I love with all my heart to help you and give any advice I can.  You guys are a big part of why I love to do what I do.  Without you, a piece of me would be lost.

And now I leave you with some pics of my belly lol!

Me & BFF of 20+ yrs                     College BFF giving the belly some love                       Me and the Hubby

I love you all, seriously!

Biggest hugs and kisses to all. XO!


  1. ahhh!! congrats congrats!! and thank you for being so awesome! =)))

  2. Yay! Congrats! Wishing you all the best!

  3. Congrats ! You look great! Enjoy your time off and with your baby and family.