Friday, June 29, 2012

What's In My (condensed) Kit

When I recently posted a picture on my Facebook Page of my kit in a small Eve Pearl shoulder bag I immediately got requests to post what was in the bag.  Well, ask and you shall receive!

Personally, I don't feel that I need to have a million and one things in my kit to do my job.  Most of my jobs are catalog, commercial, tv/film, corporate and some bridal.  I only carry what I need and I pack according to the job.  If I'm doing a corporate client, why do I need to take my blue, yellow and orange liptars?  Why bring my green eyeshadow?  I don't need it.  I'm obviously not going to use it.

So what's in this bag?

All of this!

I made my own working eyeshadow Z Palette (Zebra).  By "working" I mean colors that I use the most and fit 98% of my jobs.  I also made my own lipstick palette (Leopard).  I condensed all of my lipstick tubes and depotted them into the Yaby Empties.  Why carry a million tubes of lipsticks?  Made my own blush/bronzer palette (Pink) as well.  

The Rest of the Items:
  • Powderpuff Squad Blush Palette (sadly discontinued and the company no longer exists - had this for ages)
  • Foundations - Depending on the job I switch them out.  Today I had my MUFE HD packed and yes I can make any color I want out of those 3 colors (118, 128 & 177).
  • MUFE Camo Concealers
  • Setting Powders - FACEatelier & Laura Mercier
  • Gel Liners - Tarte Amazonian Clay in Black & Brown
  • Yaby World of Pearl Paints palette, for those "just in case" moments
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton Squares in a plastic soap carrier
  • NARS Laguna Bronzer
  • Lipglosses
  • Mascaras, Lash Curler (heated and regualar), Tweezers and Scissors 
  • Toner, Moisturizer, MUFE Sens' Eyes, Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol, Brush Cleaner 
  • Mascara Wands (in the mini Cozzette Vessel) 
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
  • Laura Mercier Primer 
  • MUFE Uplight
  • Duo Lash Adhesive
  • Book of Eyeliners and Brow Pencils
  • MUFE Flash Palette (never leave home without it)
That's it!  I still have a little room left if I wanted to include some Lip Tars if I wanted to.  I don't need anything more than this to make the job happen.  I like to make my life and my commute as easy as possible.  And trust me, living in NYC, the easier the commute, the better it is.

As always, if you have any questions/requests at all, feel free to comment below.


  1. Amazing! I want to condense my kit down to this! Great post!

  2. this post is so great! loved it, gave me some great ideas of products to keep in my kit! xx

  3. I need to condense my kit. I have way too much.

  4. I wish I could condense my kit this much. Where do you keep your brushes? Do you feel the need to carry paper towels with you?

    1. I usually tear some paper towels out and fold them in a corner. I don't take the whole roll with me. Some times I'll take tissues as well. I keep my brushes in a little mini bowler bag or if I have a big purse that day I'll just stick them in there. Most studios I work it already have paper towels and/or tissues so if I know I'm working in a studio I already know, I don't bother to bring them with me cause I just use what they have there.

  5. What colors do you use the most in the camo concealers? Do you prefer those over the MUFE full cover concealer?

    1. Avery, I use mostly #14 and #15 in the Camo Concealers. I def prefer those over the MUFE full cover. I feel the full cover is too heavy and I don't need that much of a heavy application unless I'm covering tattoo's or bruises. Also, the Full Cover dries a shade darker than what you originally squeeze out so you have to be careful with those.

  6. Yisell! I love what you have done with your kit! I am wondering where you purchased your book of eyeliners from? the book of course haha

    1. Sophie,
      My book of Pencils is from Mary Kay =)

  7. Thanks for sharing Yisell, I often come to your blog to read, observe and learn from your advice :)

    1. You're very welcome! I love and don't mind helping others =P

  8. Thanks for sharring Yisell. What heated eyelash curler do you use please? Also looking at the MUFE HD foundations, do you know if you can use the FA Zero minus and zero plus with them? Thank you :)

    1. Claire,
      I use the Yaby heated lash curler. Seriously the best I have ever used and so worth having. You can definitely use and mix any of the FA foundations with the MUFE HD, including the 0- and o+

  9. Thank you so much Yisell you are so helpful. :)