Thursday, February 23, 2012

Royal & Langnickel Brushes

A few weeks back I was invited to a Royal & Langnickel Blogger Breakfast where they would have a complimentary breakfast, a presentation by Kevin James Bennett and complimentary gift bags.  Inside the gift bag was a Royal & Langnickel S.I.L.K Pro Synthetic 12 Piece Set and a Majestic 7 Piece Paint Brush Set.  I know what you're thinking, Paint Brush Set?  As someone with an art background (drawing, painting etc) I've purchased art store paint brushes to use in my makeup kit.  Sometimes the art store quality has been better than some of the beauty brushes out there.

Royal & Langnickel is a family owned business that started out making paint brushes and within the past few years started making Beauty Brushes as well.  One of their best sellers is the S.I.L.K Pro collection and I have to say these brushes are absolutely amazing.  They're soft to the touch and literally just glides over the face for a flawless finish.  The construction of the brush itself says a lot.  The ferrule (the metal part that connects the bristles to the handle) is made of chrome-plated brass which pretty much guarantees that the metal wont deform or rust and because the ferrule is pressed twice into the hard wood barrel handle, your brush handle will stay put and never become loose or fall off.  My favorite brushes from this set is the Angled Eye Shadow Brush and the Blush Brush.

SILK Pro 12 Piece Set
The SILK Pro 12 Piece Brush Set Includes:
Powder Brush
Blush Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Foundation Brush
Smudger Brush
Liner Brush
Eye Fluff Brush
Eyeliner/Brow Brush
Flat Liner Brush
Brow/Lash Brush
Concealer Brush
Lip Brush

Majestic 7 Piece Round Short Handle Paint Brush Set
The Majestic set is also super soft and already I've used them for applying foundation on face and body, concealer (both large and small areas), smudging eyeshadow and applying lipstick/gloss.  Another thing that I love about this brush set is that the handle comes with a slanted end which is absolutely perfect for scooping out product (in the case that you don't have a spatula or mixing knife).

Majestic 7 Piece comes with brush no. 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 & 24.

As for the event, the Royal & Langnickel staff and president were so nice and helpful in answering any questions I might have had.  Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

For more information on Royal & Langnickel, their brushes, brush sets and instructional how to videos please visit


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