Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colored Mascaras and Liners...Oh My!

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Who said Mascara and eyeliner had to be only Black and Brown?  I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that black and brown get really boring, REALLY fast!  With so many companies (both cheap and expensive) out there making colored mascara and eyeliners, you have no excuse to not get these and fill the world, and your eyes, with a bit of color.  Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Benefit - Bad Gal Mascara in Blue $13 - $19
The over sized brush does all the work and makes your lashes super long.  The blue color makes your eyes whiter and brighter.  

2. Sue Devitt - Luxura Lash Mascara in Black Lavender $22
This awesome purple mascara not only makes your lashes look sexy but it has all these amazing things like Hydrolyzed Keratin for a longer, fuller, shiny look and soothing Orchid Extract for ultimate hydration.

3. YSL - Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils $30
Although a hefty price to pay for a mascara, I have to say that this mascara is like the Rolls Royce of colored mascaras.  Not only are the colors rich but it comes in EIGHT different shades (5 of them being actual colors).  But what makes this particular mascara worth it is the Triple-Film Complex.  1 film coating for intensity, 1 conditioning film for curve and 1 fixing film for long lasting effect.

4. Make Up For Ever - Smoky Lash $22
What can I say?  It's Make Up For Ever!!  You can't ever go wrong with them.  The pigmentation in their products never disappoints.  This mascara lengthens, volumizes and curls the lashes all in one swipe!  Oh and did I mention that it comes in GREEN!? 

5. Prestige Cosmetics - Liquid Eyeliner $8 - $10
I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of most drugstore cosmetics but this particular brand I was in awe with.  Although not waterproof, I have to say that it gets the job done, the little fiber tipped applicator provides great control and it comes in a wonderful array of colors.

6. Make Up For Ever - Aqua Eyes $18
This ultra pigmented eyeliner is waterproof on both the lash line and the water line, wont run or fade.  No more runny eye syndrome and comes in an incredible 25 shades (19 colors).  Now the only question is...which color to choose?

*Note: The products listed above are just favorites of mine.  There are other lines such and L'Oreal, Buxom, Physicians Formula, etc. that carry colored mascaras and liners and are a bit more pocket friendly. 

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