Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geeking out with Tate

The weather was bad, my hair looked like hell and my allergies were all flared up.  But that didn't stop me from having fun working and shopping at the makeup show.  Although I left my camera home both days (I blame the watery eyes from the allergies for obscuring my view of my foyer where I clearly left my camera so I can take it with me on the way out the door) I got to snag two pics of (and with) Tate from the First Season of "Face Off".  He was busy working so I didn't want to interrupt the first time I came around so I just took a pic of him working (thank you my dear Lisa for letting me jack your camera for these shots).

I was determined to chat with him, take a picture and compliment him on his amazing Zombie work (if you don't know by now I'm completely obsessed with zombies) so I came around a second time.  He was done working at that point so I decided to completely geek out and ask for a picture (plus he's a total hottie but that's a whole different blog haha).  Enjoy!

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