Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inglot: Smart or Ridiculous?

Yesterday I walked into the Inglot store with a fellow MUA friend for the first time since it opened in Times Square.  I was very excited about finally stepping in and taking my time picking out some new shadows.  As I was playing around with colors, one of the sales girls went over her "selling speech" and what she said totally threw me off!

Apparently you cannot buy the shadows without buying the palette.  WHAT?!?!  So I'm FORCED to buy a palette I don't want or need because I can't just buy the shadows alone?!  I think thats absolutely ridiculous!  Some of you are probably thinking "well that's actually smart because they make money blah blah blah..."  NO!  I'm sorry but to me its RIDICULOUS!  I should be able to buy any eyeshadow of my choice and put it into the palette of MY choice.  

And if you think it couldn't get worse, listen to this.  Lets say you already own an Inglot palette and you need to refill a color that's wearing down, you cannot purchase the eyeshadow unless you PHYSICALLY bring in your palette to the store and refill it.  WTF is this?!  You have to prove to these people that you actually already own an Inglot palette?  Are they nuts?  Who do they think they are?

Needless to say, I walked out of there empty handed and completely put off by all this.  Shame on you Inglot...shame on you.


  1. I had the same reaction than you 2 years ago when I bought my freedom palette. At the time, the e/s were the same size than MUFE's, so I thought well, I'll just use this palette and switch colors with my MUFE palettes. BUT, at the beginning of the year they completely changed the size of the e/s and downsized them to MAC's size.

    I think this isnt a good marketing plan. Or, they should at least let us MUA's buy the single e/s with no questions asked.

    At the makeup show in NY last may I couldnt resist buying 2 palettes because of the price, but still I'm mad at them for this bad strategy!

  2. Exactly! For a non MUA, they can buy a single in a pot and carry it around in their purse which is great. But for a MUA, why would I go in there and buy one in a pot if I'm gonna come home and depot it anyways. It's stupid!

  3. Exactly!
    And I've read many blogs where a lot of MUA's think the same. I personnaly think they weren't prepared for the American market, our way to work (us MUA's). Either in the US or here in Canada... we don't work that way, they need to get it done the way WE want hahaha

    (A girl can dream...)

  4. really??? this girl must have been new ...I've bought stuff from them without a palette before. If this is new policy its stupid and they are going to lose a lot of business.

  5. Maybe next time I go I'll take you with me Chris. My friend MUA that was with me bought the 2 well palette with 2 shadows and figured if she needs more shadows she'll just keep bringing the same 2 well palette over and over to the store haha!

  6. My friend works there, I'll ask her about this
    (We're in Montreal)

  7. Update :

    She told me that, at least here in Montreal, we can buy refills without bringing the palette. They only suggest A LOT to the people who want to buy them (refills) that it could be a better idea to buy it in a pot at least... but that's it, no need to have a palette anymore, at least in Canada...

  8. Well then I guess I'll be taking a road trip to Canada and shopping there haha! The friend that was with me also told me that the first time she went there she had a terrible experience and they were really rude. It could just be THAT particular store in Times Square that has this crazy policy.

  9. Well that may be possible, because I went to that store and the lady there was RUDE...

    Way to go to sell your stuff lady, way to go

  10. In Australia, we're able to buy them seperately. Inglot NY, what are you doing??