Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bye Bye Shu Shu

Shu Uemura Pulling Out of the US Market

Sad but true.  With most of their profit in Asia, Shu Uemura has decided to pull out of the US Market and close all boutiques and Department Store counters.  Does this mean the end of all Shu products?  Absolutely not!  You can still order from their online store.  The Art of Hair products will remain unaffected by this change and will remain available in salons.

But what does this mean for the Pro Makeup Artists and their discounts?  As far as I know, you can still use it for your online purchases but ONLY if you're purchasing in bulk.  The program allows you to purchase $500 worth of product so with the 40% discount, you'll only be charged $300.  Sign up and see all the pro discount info here.  If I happen to find out more about the pro discounts I will update ASAP.

Until then, goodbye Shu and thank you for being so great to us here in the US.  You are and always will be AWESOME.

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